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We went to vote this morning. I was 553 around 9:45. My polling place is in a low income apartment building. So there are the people sitting outside. It is teashirt weather in Madison. Snow and rain possible for the weekend, but right now we are having weather in the 60s and 70s. Then there's inside. The lobby has people in it, too, all over anxious to be helpful.

On Sunday one of my ride companions showed me the inside of the building. She lives there. The elevator was out of order and we did the stairs because the voting is set up in the community room. Today the elevator was working. It's brailled but of course I had to figure out where I was going. I decided 1. There were people outside of the room. It turns out the poll people do not officially recognize whoever these people were as being allowed to be within range of a polling place. Nevertheless, they were helpful in directing me. A man then took me to the first table and yes, indeed, I am registered. He thought I needed to register. I brought my utility bills just in case. I did check on the Wisconsin web site and saw my voter registration information and a sample ballot. I then went to another table, got my ballot and then went to a place to mark it. No curtained area. Just a place to stand. The man marked my ballot for me. Then we went and put it into the optacle scanner. That was a little tricky, getting it straight. A corner got bent but I've fed enough dollars into vending machines to smooth that out. Then the form grabbed, like the shreadder,and the computer sound indicated it was tabulated. Back to the elevator and figuring out that I had to push 2 to get back to the lobby. Then all the people and finally outside.

No waiting yet obviously a lot of people have already come through. Wisconsin has beentelling people to vote between 9 and 4:30 if possible. No stickers. No fuss.We will go out to lunch to celebrate our successful negotiation of a new process.




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